A bit of history

The original saranac on the nile, 2010

In 2010, while living and working in western Kenya, we (Lyndsay & Nick) bought a few acres of land on the east bank of the River Nile, and built the original Saranac on the Nile house. Our first Nile river get-away was constructed slowly over several years, mainly during weekend trips from Kenya. We created Saranac as place for family, friends, friends-of-friends, and travelers to escape to, and to connect with the beauty of the river. Since that simple thatch roof first went up back in 2010, hundreds of friends and visitors from across the world have come to the original Saranac on the Nile to enjoy its remoteness and tranquility. Over the years, it has been a place for us to connect with old friends - and to make new ones - in the most beautiful of locations, and has been core to our experience living in East Africa.

In early 2016, with much different life circumstances (two kids, living in Kampala instead of Kenya), we became excited about the idea of building upon the original Saranac vision, with the addition of a new property on the opposite bank (Kampala side). The new Saranac - with both communal areas and private cottages already built on it - allows us to create an even more amazing space for us to enjoy as a family, and to share with our community. 

Our vision for Saranac on the Nile

view from the new Saranac

Our vision for Saranac on the Nile (both the original and new properties) is to create a special retreat that our family, friends, and the larger East African community can enjoy for years to come - away from the distractions and noises of city life. We also hope that adventurous travelers looking for a place off the beaten path will stumble upon this amazing place and stop in to stay. Whether you come to work, think, create, read, or relax, we think that Saranac on the Nile's serene environment will help to clear your mind and unplug.

We envision Saranac on the Nile to forever remain a simple, natural, and private space. In order to preserve the blend of open spaces and privacy that we currently enjoy on the property, we do not plan on doing much additional development. The landscape is full of boulders, trees, and waterfront features, which will allow us to create unique, private hideaways across the property for us and our visitors to enjoy.

As with the original Saranac property, we know that our vision will evolve and grow over time, as we spend more time there, and share the space with more people. We always welcome thoughts, feedback and ideas from our guests on how we can make this place even more special.  

The story behind the name

The name Saranac on the Nile has its roots in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York where Lyndsay grew up ('Saranac' is an Iroquois word meaning “Cluster of Stars”). Lyndsay spent many childhood years in a home on Saranac Avenue, and this home was a gathering place for every friend in the community - doors always open and awaiting the next visitor - even if Lyndsay was not around. At Saranac on the Nile, we are bringing that same Adirondack spirit of community and openness to our slice of paradise on the Nile.

We hope that you will to come visit us soon, and experience the magic of Saranac on the Nile for yourself.

View from a Construction site - Original Saranac (2010)